A successful home birth... bee good design:

The three of us met when our kids were at the same preschool.  It was their pre-K year and our final year as mothers of preschoolers.  We realized that the next fall we were going to have some time on our hands...we thought it was going to be a lot of time.  We spent our last year at the preschool having morning walks followed by lots of coffee and chats about what to do when we grew up.  Salad days, indeed.  Many walks and coffee talks later Kate, Christy and Becky decided that creating something other than tonight's dinner and a clean floor was important to their mental well-being.  Follow that with a collage class, an initial art show at a local coffee shop and bee good design was born.

In the past year we won 3rd place in the Inman Park Festival juried art show, sold artwork to people other than our family and friends and completed two custom art pieces.  We're looking forward to the future and what it holds for our burgeoning business.

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