Home Sweet Home

So we beegood gals are finally making our way back into the studio.  We’ve all had a few distractions that have pulled us away from the hive. One of us has sold a house and bought a lovely new home on a lovely street.  One of us is selling a house on the same lovely street. And one of us has completed a magazine worthy interior makeover.  All of us have families and children and these big changes seem to be harder to roll with when there’s a crew to bring along on the adventure.  But of course we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re interested in marking your home journey with a piece of art, we can create something that’s personal for you. Family memories, floor plans, addresses, maps-even your old mortgage statements can be blended together to create something that reflects your home and your adventure getting there.

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Anonymous said...

love this look - what a great way to celebrate your new home!

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