proudest day ever

Well maybe not of EVER, but certainly up there. Uhmm. Yeah, actually I think it was.

We started this venture as a creative outlet we all felt was lacking in our day jobs.  And by day jobs I mean the cooking, cleaning, childcare, volunteering and husbandry that is involved with being a stay at home mother. Inman Park Festival was our first significant venue out in the public eye and it was a real leap of faith.  How do we display our work? How do we complete a cash transaction? Would we have any cash transactions? Would our stuff be good enough? Would it speak to anyone? You get the idea.

I guess it did because we won third prize last year in the juried show.  As good girls, we all seemed to be trained or hardwired to try and be humble, modest and pull the “oh, it was no big deal” card.  Well, this was a big deal!  It was truly thrilling.  We’re getting ready to show up again this year with new work and some new confidence. And of course our good girl attitudes!

Please come see us and enjoy one of Atlanta’s best neighborhood festivals.

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