Good time had by all


What a weekend! The 40th Inman Park Festival was a great time.  Beautiful weather, fun people, awesome parade all that and all in one of Atlanta’s coolest and terrifically quirky neighborhoods.  One of the most exciting things for us this weekend was connecting with artists we’ve followed for awhile.

Maria-Louise Coil's unbridled enthusiasm is contagious and having her give us positive feedback on our work was a huge thrill.

 Ian Nicholas stopped by.  His palette and subject matter is always so great and his “look” is so recognizable.  And he’s a nice guy with a mysterious accent!

Jenni Horne is a local artist who has a true blog following. Take a look at Mattie’s Social Circle.  This girl doesn’t play around.  She makes art, jewelry, sculpture, and on and on. She was enjoying the festival and probably not expecting a web stalker  I mean fan, to recognize her.  Even more fun than that….she bought something!

We saw some other favorites at Inman this year.
Preeti Ayyangar of  Spunge  at the beehive boutique in Atlanta
And our potter friend, Jeanette Zeis

Thanks to all our friends, new and old for stopping by!


Gillyweed said...

Hey guys!!! Thanks for posting on my blog! I love your name Bee Good Designs. I paint with Encaustics so the Bee thing is right up my alley. Will you be at Dunwoody too?

bee good design said...

We decided to pass on this but have heard it's a great show. We're still recovering from Inman!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that I had to miss the festival. Are you going to be at any other festivals this year or where else can your art be purchased?

bee good design said...

We are busy working on our Etsy site and hope to have it up and running next week. We also have work available on the portfolio feature of our blog. Let us know if there's something that interests you. We're finishing our schedule for next year now so check back for a post about that!
Thanks for asking!

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