Cheerios on the brain

So, I was brave (crazy) enough to start cleaning out the back seat of the car and as soon as I opened it up I discovered a sprinkling of Cheerios on the floor.  It made me laugh and then took me back in time to the days when my children were young and there were ALWAYS Cheerios on the floor (not to mention petrified raisins and stale Goldfish).  It was like an episode of LOST and I flashed backward instantly to what life was like when time seemed to move very slowly and babies took naps.

Then, I stumbled onto this sweet print from

Darn tootin' that's right!    I love the simple composition, the color palette and most of all the message.  It's good to be reminded to do your own thing and be yourself.  In art, like in life, that pesky inner censor often gets in the way; you know that little voice that makes you doubt yourself and worry about what others might think.  Will people like it?  Will it sell? Is it any good?  

So the next time I'm starting down that road,  I'm going to try to channel the fruit loop within and squash the self doubt as I proudly fly my freak flag and pour myself a big bowl of Cheerios.


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garden clippings said...

This TOTALLY speaks to me today!!! Thanks for it!

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