Custom Work

We bee good gals like the fact that we offer “affordable art that's good for your home”; but we also like to make art work that is personal and specialized for our clients.  To give you an example of  a custom order we had one client who liked this piece but wanted a something to make it more unique to their family 

so we recreated a similar piece, added their address - and voila

On another piece, the original looked like this

but then we added the names of the individuals in the family to customize it so the new one looked like this

No two pieces are ever exactly alike. If you see something you like and want to add that personal touch, give us a buzz - we'll be glad to customize it so that it's made just for you.



garden clippings said...

Your work is wonderful and oh so inspiring!!

bee good design said...

Thanks so much for visiting our blog and for the encouraging feedback! What a thrill to have someone check us out all the way from California!

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