Our Southern Summer Season

Geez Louise!  It seems like just a short while ago I was publishing a post on being overwhelmed by the prospect of having kids around me 24/7 and having to direct/guide/love them 24/7.  I remember when I was going to teach them to clean around the house and relax if the job was not done to my specifications.  I've relaxed alright.  There hasn't been a lot of cleaning of things around the house this summer.  I shower twice a day, but that's just because of the humidty.  You know, its not the heat.  Its the humidity.  I love Atlanta in the summer!  I digress.

School starts in three weeks here.  Our summer weather will linger through September, but the kids will have been in school for over a month by then.  I'm not ready for school to start.  I know I've got three more weeks to enjoy the lazy mornings and late evenings, but I'm obsessing about making the last three weeks last longer.  I promised the kids a lemonade stand, Krispy Kreme, Starlight Drive-In, sleepovers, art projects, tubing on the lake, tubing on the river, bike rides, Flying Biscuit biscuits poolside at Piedmont Park and more.

But, you know, I've got three weeks and then a school year of weekends and then another summer and then a school year of weekends and so on.  Life is beautiful!

Happy Summer, y'all!

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Nice one, Becky. Lovely as a matter of fact.

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