Whimsical Wares Show this week!

We're excited to be participating in a show called Whimsical Wares in Marietta, Ga.  We've only had our art shown in a festival setting which I really enjoy.  I like people watching and hanging with the bee good gals as well as talking to anyone who will talk to me. 

The Whimsical Wares show is located in a new, big, beautiful home that is for sale.  We went today to set up our wares.  The house is gorgeous!  I saw four fireplaces (one outside the livingroom); tall ceilings throughout; beautiful kitchen cabinetry and a kitchen island that was actually the size of a small island.  What a beautiful setting for our first show where we leave our goods for someone else to sell.

We set up our little shop in the master bedroom next to our friend, Jenni Horne.  The room was large enough to hold four different artists' items.  Its filled with cool, affordable art that really looked good together. 

After we finished setting up we walked through the rest of the house.  There is great art, jewelry, handbags, etc. everywhere I turned.  It looks like its going to be a great show!

Happy Fall, y'all!

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