Hello and welcome to bee good design! We're three happy ladies (who you calling lady?) that love to make art, raise children and generally have fun...probably in that order, too, but don't tell anyone. Have a look around our site, and if you see something that suits your fancy, send us an email. We're happy to sell our art; make commission pieces or just chat about art.

Periodically, we show our art in coffee shops and other shops around Atlanta. Every spring we try to participate in the Inman Park Festival as it is always funky and always fun...a real crowd pleaser. We also like trying new things and new festivals, so please check our shows link for where our art is showing at the moment.

And, of course, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.  We're happy lot and would love to share that with you!  beegooddesign@gmail.com

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