As we are on an academic calendar and summer is upon us, we're doing our end of the year wrap-ups. We've reflected on our successes and failures here at bee good design.  Only to the point of healthy pondering, of course. Now we're planning our next year and we've got some new venues and ideas.

Application is going in for Candler Park Festival.  We've never done this one before so the question will be if we fit in, stand out, or sell anything?

The Trinity School Spotlight on Art is a big event here in Atlanta and we're going to throw our hat into the ring.  It should be a way to reach a much larger audience and the great part is we produce the work back in the hive and then turn it over to the fine volunteers at Trinity to sell and display.  No tent set up or funnel cakes for us.

And then spring is devoted to Inman Park again.  Our brand of freak flag seems to fit right in there.  Loaded with neighbors and friends and there's nothing like a parade to say "good times".

Any other suggestions for us? Galleries, art shows, indie craft markets to hit? Oh, yeah. Etsy!  Look for more on that in seven days...

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laura said...

"our brand of freak flag"... loved that!!

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