Beginnings and Endings

Today marks both.  The beginning of summer vacation and the end of the Oprah Winfrey show.  Ok, the eyes are rolling and there is an audible groan - I realize some of you have already quit reading.

But for those of you left – let me reflect on both for a minute. As summer approaches I am always particularly nostalgic as my kids wrap up another school year.  I find myself thinking about how fast the year has gone and how bittersweet it is to watch them grow older. How I wish I could slow down time and simplify things.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this summer.

Then I think about Oprah.  Now, I’m not an Oprah junkie but I have been known to start a sentence or two with, “On Oprah today…” (at which point my husband officially checks out).  What I find myself thinking about is that she’s been on air FOREVER; I have watched her here and there for over 20 years – talk about time flying by!  I remember watching after class in college; I have read a few of her book club books; I know I’ve done some sort of detox diet she’s endorsed once or twice, and I even know someone who went on the show for a makeover – so I’d say we have a history. 

I honestly don’t watch that often but when I do she consistently impresses me (not because she gets guests like crazy Tom Cruise jumping on the couch- although I hear that was a good one) but because she seems to be genuinely pursuing her dream – all the while trying to make the world a bit better for the rest of us.  Something we bee good gals could take note from.  We have often remarked about how much we enjoy it when people come into our booth and they say things like,” this booth just makes me feel good” or “your work makes me happy”.  Truly, it is an honor to think that we may be able to bring a little joy to someone’s home.  So we’ll keep pursuing our dream and hope to make people smile along the way.  The only bummer is, now I guess we won’t get featured on her “Favorite Things” episode.



laura said...

great post!!!

i think this would be a great addition in your next booth:

Christy said...

Thanks Laura! This looks super cute and like a perfect summer project for the kids. Pipe cleaners, tissue paper, glue gun - throw in a little glitter and we've got ourselves a party.

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