book report due

So I had set up a deadline to have our Etsy site up and running.  Today I'm coming to school without my homework.  I am notoriously lame when it comes to technology.  My cell phone may have three numbers programmed into it. Inserting something into this very blog makes my hands shake a little.  Really.

A few of the Etsy set up procedures are posing a challenge for me but I am determined to succeed.  And I'm hoping this book will help.
So I'm going back to the books.  Wish me luck!


Christy said...

you know I love this post because as they say....birds of a feather. My facebook account has been up and running for about 48 hours and I'm already considering deactivating it. Well done on the post - looks like you've gotten blogging 101 down!

bee good design said...

I'm so glad we have this blogging vehicle for us to communicate to each other with. I was really excited I got this photo up. Baby steps.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in one of your pieces. What is the best way to get in touch?

bee good design said...

We can be reached via email at and then I'd be happy to email a phone number to you.
Thanks for your interest!

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