Bossy Signs

I went thrifting/junk store shopping yesterday.  For a long time I've been coveting all of the old lettering out in the world these days.  I came across a pile of plastic letters like the ones that are used on those signs outside of churches.  The pile was on sale, so it was time for me to go for it.  Of course, coming up with a couple of words that I wanted to look at for a long time was challenging.  I wanted to convey a thought that I haven't seen around a lot.  Signs are generally pretty bossy, but if you're commanded to do something positive, that's a good thing, right?  After I figured out the words I wanted, of course, some of the letters were missing.  "N"s are popular as well as "O"'s.  Apparently, people say NO a lot in their signs...not very positive either.  Long story long, the evolution of my bossy sign went from BE NICE to SMILE to LOVE to some other words that I can't remember (I spent quite awhile searching and thinking and spelling) to the above BE lovEly.  The all caps in the original ideas started to get on my nerves while I was searching through the pile, so I happily switched to a combination of lower case and upper case.  Then I couldn't find a small "e" and had already found two upper case "E"s (which if you look too closely you'll realize that they're actually "F"s that have been modified with black electrical tape which fits right in with our household).  I couldn't pass up the idea of having BEE in my house for all who visit to see. 

Happy summer, y'all!

P.S.: From Merriam-Webster
Definition of LOVELY
1 obsolete : lovable
2: delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace : attractive
3: grand, swell <what a lovely morning>
I really love how this one word can mean grand, swell, lovable, beauty, harmony, grace....all things that I strive to be albeit unsuccessfully at times.  A perfect bossy sign for my family room.....

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