Banana Seats, 10 Speeds, Mountain Bikes, OH MY!

I'm into bikes lately.  My son has been riding his bike to and from school.  In the mornings he rides with Dad and in the afternoon heat, I ride my bike with him.  This was all fun and games until he crashed last week coming off a curb.  He's fine except for road rash on his elbow and his confidence was a bit shaken.  We'll work on that next week.

I've been working, also.  And here they are:

I painted this for a gal who saw our work at Inman Park Festival.  While it took me too long to produce it, I'm so happy with the results.  The gal has even invited me over to see where its going to hang.  I'm looking forward to seeing where its going to live.

This is a piece just to get the juices flowing.  I'm happy with the results, but the next time I make it there will be some changes:  cuter pennant paper and better stamping and less modeling paste.  Its good to feel somewhat back into the swing of things! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend, y'all!

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