What the Folk? ...and other fun things.....

A friend and I were just folkin' around yesterday and ended up in Norcross at the annual Folk Fest.  Its the largest folk art show in the world with artists from around the US (of A).  For me, though, its like a candy store for kids.  (Why do kids get all the fun?  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Duh!  I felt like ME in a candy store).  Its like any festival here in the Atlanta area: fantastic live music, funnel cakes and coke, and plenty of fun and friendly people.  The exception is that it has delicious conditioned air which is paramount for our locale during the month of August.  

I saw a lot of great art.  My favorite part of the evening was recognizing and chatting with artists that are always a part of the festival circuit here in Atlanta, such as:  HC Warner (if you want to have an enjoyable, relaxing and funny conversation, talk to this guy), Pat Juneau (I love his metalwork, and I own one of his red flowers.  His wife makes beautiful jewelry, too.), Athlone Clarke (I love this artist's way with imagery and technique.  He's good at his job.), Yeehaw Industries (I first saw a wrestling advertisement poster from this outfit in a bathroom in New Orleans.  It was hilarious--the look of the poster was vintage, but it was advertising matches between current political figures.  So fun!)  There were many, many more that I enjoyed visiting with. 

I ended up spending my money in this booth.  They're booth was the hotbed of activity.  They were doing well.  Art was flying off the wall, and they just kept replacing it.  I was so excited for them.  Its always fun to have people react so positively to something you've created.  The prices were affordable, too.  I'd post pictures of what I bought except that they're still in the back of my car (got in a little late to unload).  I'll post pictures once the pieces are hung in their new home.

So, if you have a few minutes this weekend, venture on up to Norcross for the annual Slotin Folk Fest.  Its worth the trip.  I was going to hit the bi-annual warehouse sale this morning at the bee hive, but I spent all my money last night.  I may just run down there for a quick run through and see the cool wares.

I hope y'all are having a fun weekend during the hottest month of the year,

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